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स्थापना दिवस : बसंत पंचमी संवत् 2030 - दिनांक 28 जनवरी 1974

इन्दौर क्लाॅथ मार्केट को-ऑपरेटिव्ह बैंक लिमिटेड इन्दौर

23,सर हुकमचंद मार्ग इतवारिया बाजार इन्दौर म.प्र. - 452002

!!Greeting News !!Now IMPS, UPI, POS & ATM Facilites available.\\ --> बैंक में आईएमपीएस,यूपीआई, पॉस एवं एटीएम सुविधा प्रांरभ....\\मासिक ई-स्टेटमेंट सुविधा प्रारंभ, बैंक में संपर्क कर सुविधा का लाभ ले।\\ 0.50 % Interest Rebate If you use 60% limit or Above limit.!!

FIXED DEPOSIT ( मियादी अमानत खाता )


Important Notice to Depositors:

  • ** We are member of deposit insurance and credit guarantee scheme in which customers deposits are insured up to Rs. 5 Lac.
  • ** T.D.S. on interest income will be deducted as per income tax act.
  • ** Please visit nearest Branch for more information.


Latest Address Proof

  1. ** Passport
  2. ** Driving Licence
  3. ** Electricity/Telephone Bill (not more than three month old)
  4. ** Aadhar Card
  5. ** Voter ID

Latest Photo-Identity (Any 1 of the below)

  1. ** PAN Card
  2. ** Voter ID Card
  3. ** Driving License
  4. ** Passport
  5. ** Aadhar Card

Please Note: If customer already have their savings or current account duly KYC complit with our bank, they need not submit KYC Documents for opening of fixed deposit accounts.

Fixed Deposits

Under this scheme, you can deposit for various periods ranging from 15 days to 120 months with Rate of interest wef 01.01.2021. Interest is paid on monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis, as desired by you.

  • ** Revised rate will be applicable to new deposits/renewal of existing deposits
  • ** Minimum amount Rs.1000.00 for fixed deposit
  • ** We offer 0.50% Extra Interest rate to Senior citizen (60 years and above) on fixed deposits of one year and above
  • ** Maximum rate of interest will be 5.10% inclusive of 0.50% additional interest as mentioned above. or as applicable from time to time.


  1. ** Any person or persons approved by the Bank.
  2. ** Co-operative Societies, Registered Trust, Institutions , Associations & Companys.
  3. ** By two or more persons in their joint names.
  4. ** By a natural guardian i.e. father or mother approved by the Bank on behalf of a minor.


  1. ** Interest will be paid on the deposits at the rate in force from time to time.
  2. ** Interest amount will be paid Monthly / Qty / Half Yearly / annually
  3. ** Interest will be credited to the Bank Account of the depositor
  4. TERM DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE : The Bank will issue a certificate in favour of the depositor/s showing the amount of deposited, the period for which the deposit is accepted, maturity date and Interest rate.

LOAN AGAINST DEPOSIT : 95% Loan against deposit amount is available.
GENERAL : The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend, rescind the rules from time to time.
Pre-closure of deposit 1% penalty applicable.
All fixed deposit is autorenewal on maturity date automatically.

बैंक आपकी सेवा में निरन्तर तत्पर

किसी भी समस्या के लिए बैंक की किसी भी शाखा में संपर्क करे

!!Greeting News !!Now IMPS, UPI, POS & ATM Facilites available.\\ अब बैंक मेें डिजिटल बैंकिंग अंतर्गत एटीएम, पॉस, ई-कॉम, आईएमपीएस एवं यूपीआई सुविधा उपलब्ध है। \\मासिक ई-स्टेटमेंट सुविधा प्रारंभ, बैंक में संपर्क कर सुविधा का लाभ ले।\\ 0.50 % Interest Rebate If you use 60% limit or Above limit.!!